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Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace

Get ready for Google drones. The technology company announced Monday that it has acquired Titan Aerospace, a start-up founded in 2012 that makes high-altitude, solar-powered drones.

Is 'mind reading' technology on the horizon?

  What we write online may be intercepted, filtered and publicized, but we'd like to think that the thoughts and images in our heads are totally private.

UPDATE: Utah woman admits killing 6 babies to police

UPDATE: A 39-year-old woman in Utah told police she either strangled or suffocated at least six babies immediately after she gave birth to them over a period of years, document shows.

Beef prices hit record high across U.S.

Hitting the grocery store is getting more costly.

Study says: fussy infants, toddlers watch more TV

Does your baby have difficulty calm him or herself? Falling and staying asleep? It can be stressful, especially for new parents. But once again, researchers are recommending that parents avoid plopping them down in front of the television.

Flavor Flav avoids trial by pleading guilty to misdemeanor

Rapper and reality TV star Flavor Flav pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges in Las Vegas Monday.

IRS says website immune to Heartbleed, file your taxes!

Millions of people are filing their taxes just as governments grapple with Heartbleed, the worst privacy-killing Internet bug ever. Is your information at risk? It depends on where you live.

No late penalties for filing late, if the IRS owes you money

Owed a refund? There's no penalty for filing late Some good news for procrastinators: If you're owed a refund and you don't file your taxes by Tuesday, you won't get hit with a penalty.

NFL player takes TX teen to prom

For most, prom night is one of the most memorable moments of a young girls life. For 18-year-old Taylor Kirkwood, tonight is her special night.

Goat gives brith to rare set of quintuplets in Oregon

Dallas, OR (KPTV) -- A local dairy farm has welcomed a rarity with five new additions.