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1 dead, 13 injured after lightning strikes Southern California

sunny day at California's famed Venice Beach took a dark turn Sunday when one person died and a dozen others were injured after a rare lightning strike.

Why cubicles will NOT be in future offices

Bad news, introverts: The open-plan office is not going away anytime soon. The workplaces of the future -- and, in many cases, the present -- will have fewer high-walled cubicles and private offices.

16 incredible rooftop bars

One good thing about humanity's obsession with building enormous numbers of buildings? More rooftops, which means more rooftop bars.

Smart people buy generic brands

Sudafed or Wal-Phed: Which would you choose?

Paris hotels let you choose the price of your stay

When your city has an unenviable reputation for insulting tourists and fleecing them for every cent, inviting hotel guests to pay what they want could be a risky move.

Dark Mail: Email that hides from the NSA

You can run from NSA surveillance -- but you can't hide. One way or another, the U.S. government will be able to snoop on your personal conversations.

ERs across U.S. now taking appointments to cut down on wait time, chaos

Michael Granillo went to Northridge Hospital Medical Center in California because of intense back pain three times in one week.

Playgrounds that kids build themselves

Imagination Playgrounds have snaking tunnels, platforms and springy mats just like any other playground.

Neon signs are fading, but our appreciation isn't

(CNN) -- A few years ago, Brian Daniel was driving around Los Angeles when he spotted a neon sign for a random storage facility. The red stick figures carrying yellow boxes glowed from the mundane building.

We work in a war zone but we still keep clients happy

For small startups, keeping clients happy, investors intrigued and turning a profit isn't easy ... on a good day. Try doing it with key team members gone, sirens blaring and rockets firing at your city.