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CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current virus has mutated

Scientists are concerned about what they're seeing so far this flu season, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday, a day after the agency advised doctors this year's flu vaccine is not as effective

Outrage, vows for action after decision for no charges in Eric Garner's death

Another unarmed black man dies after a confrontation with a white police officer. Another grand jury weighs the evidence, then decides not to indict the officer.

Child care costs more than college

It's no secret that child care is expensive. But new numbers show just how deeply it can eat into a family budget -- in many cases, even deeper than what may spend on college.

Toy-related injuries send a record number of kids to the E.R.

With the holiday toy shopping season here in full swing you may want to think twice about a couple of the items that may be on your child's list. That's because toy-related injuries are on the rise according to a new report.

CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current flu virus has mutated

This year's flu vaccine is not as effective against the current strain of the influenza virus because the virus has mutated, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday in an advisory to doctors.

'I can't breathe!' Protesters chant Garner's chokehold plea

New Yorkers sat down in Times Square late Wednesday, filling its streets and sidewalks, and in the ambient light of its high-rising video walls and colorful advertisements, they immortalized some of Eric Garner's last words.

Happy 20th Birthday PlayStation

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- PlayStation is all grown up now.

NYPD officer not indicted in chokehold death

A grand jury in New York on Wednesday decided not to indict white police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the July choke hold death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, according to two law enforcement officials.

UPS grants 4-year-old's wish, gives him mini-delivery truck

A little boy with dreams of becoming a UPS driver was granted his wish.

'Gangnam Style' breaks YouTube

(CNN) -- The Internet is a vast and seemingly limitless space, but it's no match for PSY.