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Cold, snow will blast Southeast; arctic temps to remain in Midwest

It's time to bundle up in the sunny South. A wave of arctic air that settled over the Midwest and the Plains is expected to spread into the Southeast late Monday, bringing a chance of snow to several major cities by Tuesday.

Super Bowl ads, then and now

While Americans are anticipating the biggest day in the NFL season, the Super Bowl, some are also excited to see what advertisers will dish out during commercial breaks.

Marine surprises daughter as mascot at basketball game

A college student in North Carolina got an unforgettable surprise at a basketball game when her father, who was supposed to be in Afghanistan, showed up. It takes a special individual to put on a mascot suit.

Study: Texting while walking, affects your balance

You've seen this person. Maybe you've even been this person.

NASA: 2 places on Mars could have been habitable

Two NASA rovers are about 5,200 miles apart on the surface of Mars and will likely never meet.

Hardest part of being the boss: firing people

No question, firing people is hard. "It's the management duty I hate most," entrepreneur David Robins said.

Guns in home increase suicide, homicide risk

Proponents of stricter gun laws have another headline to bolster their efforts: Access to firearms in the home increases the risk of violent death.

'Sky Whale' design brings future of flying closer

Give a designer and aviation geek some time and a pencil, and you might just get something great. At the very least you'll get something spectacular.

Oakland Raiders cheerleader suing over 'low pay'

An Oakland Raiders cheerleader has filed a lawsuit against the team over pay, or really the lack there-of!

Which country has the cheapest Big Mac?

Burgers aren't just for eating. They can also tell you a lot about the economy.