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Two big meals may be better than six small meals

You've probably heard that eating multiple small meals throughout the day is a good way to stave off hunger and keep your metabolism revved up while trying to lose weight. But a new study could change your diet strategy.

Mars hopefuls talk life without families, favorite foods

If your romantic partner pointed you to an application for a one-way trip to Mars, would you be upset -- or thrilled?

7 extreme U.S. vacation destinations

Wherever we go, travel bombards us with superlatives. Best beach bar. Nicest mountain view room. Freshest shrimp. Some of these claims may verge on truth. Most are subjective.

Meet your grandparents' new robot friends

Almost eight years have passed since Bill Gates hailed a new era of "a robot in every home," and for most of us the sci-fi dream of an all-purpose automated assistant seems no closer.

Top 5 outdoor activites that burn the most calories

Summer is just around the corner. And with warm temperatures, more people will be exercising outside to lose a few pounds to get into that swimsuit. Which outdoor activities burn the most calories?

Americans carry less cash despite credit card security breaches

A new survey finds Americans have less cash in their wallets, and it's by choice How do you pay for your morning coffee? How about your groceries? Or a tank of gas?

Jailed professor gets promotion in CT

A Connecticut professor gets a promotion while he sits in jail! Court documents show he's been in out of the courtroom more than 20 times.

World's smallest deer born at NYC zoo

New York City, NY (WPIX) -- Queens just got cuter. A southern pudu fawn – the world's smallest deer – was recently welcomed into the world at the borough's zoo.

Widow hugs driver who killed husband in Atlanta courtroom

It was an emotional and uncommon scene in an Atlanta courtroom Thursday. The widow of a man killed in a 2011 car crash hugs the driver responsible for her husband's death.

Chipotle's new packaging features work from authors, comedians

The fast-food chain Chipotle is rolling out restaurant packaging featuring original essays by authors, actors and comedians, from Toni Morrison and Malcolm Gladwell to Sarah Silverman and Judd Apatow.