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Disney World workers want more pay, better benefits

Cinderella is asking for a raise.

UT alum raises money for now homeless food worker

For more than a decade, a man made a positive impact on students at the University of Texas at Austin. So when they found out that he'd fallen on hard times, they rallied to help him.

WI: Bus service fires driver for fight caught on camera

We’re now getting a look at shocking video from a fight involving a bus driver and a teen in Wisconsin. The incident happened last month in Kenosha. And the bus driver was fired as a result.

Disney workers try to get more pay, better benefits

Cinderella is asking for a raise.

Defendant to testify in Florida loud-music murder trial

A Florida man accused of killing a teen following an argument over loud music has decided to testify in his murder trial.

The groceries are gone, now Georgians wait for the storm

If you're an Atlantan making a last-minute grocery run, here's hoping you love corn and asparagus.

Experts say restaurants will be booked up on Valentine's, consider Saturday or Sunday

Any night is a busy night in the kitchen at Marcel's (restaurant). But like New Year's Eve and Mother's Day, Valentine’s night turns up heat on the restaurant industry.

A proposed hit on U.S. terrorist, raises questions of government targeting its own

When can a government kill its own people? The straightforward question has anything but a simple answer, especially for the government of a nation founded on inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Documents reveal Hillary Clinton's feelings about Monica Lewinsky scandal

Hillary Clinton told a close friend that Monica Lewinsky was a "narcissistic loony toon," and also discussed in detail why she decided to forgive her husband for having an affair with the White House intern, according to documents pen

Weird places to find a McDonald's

 As McDonald's opens its first restaurant in Vietnam, take a look at some of the big breakthroughs the fast food chain has made in the past -- from its first outlet in the Soviet Union, through the Kosher Mac and MacMaharaja, to the br