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JJ Abrams says script for new Star Wars movie is done

JJ Abrams says the script for the next Star Wars movie is done! He wrote it with Lawrence Kasdan, the co-writer for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

1 killed in Purdue University school shooting

One person was killed in Tuesday's shooting at an electrical engineering building at Purdue University, campus police Chief John Cox told reporters.

VIDEO: sneak peak into new One World Trade Center

The one world trade center building stands at an impressive 1,776 feet.

Greatest things about cold weather, from losing weight to channeling Cosby

Yes, it's cold out. Again. In winter. Who'd a thunk?

On Facebook, clicking 'like' can help scammers

It's an image that tugs at the heartstrings. A smiling 7-year-old girl poses in her cheerleading uniform, circled by a ring of pompons, her bald head a telltale sign of her chemotherapy treatments.

Eastern half of the United States will be in the icebox, weather service says

Kerplunk! That's the sound of the temperature dropping early this week as a batch of cold air moves from the Tennessee Valley and lower Midwest over to the East Coast.

Want to age gracefully? Doctors say 'be happy'

You know the old expression, "Don't worry, be happy"? Now doctors say, there's something to that. Happiness really can keep you active.

National trend: lawyers are committing suicide at disturbing rates

Amid news of death penalties on the decline and murder rates dropping in cities like Chicago, it might surprise you to hear there's one death rate that's very high.

Consumer Watch: how to save money at the movies

Planning some trips to the theater between now and the Academy Awards? All of that movie going can empty the wallet. It’s Oscar season with nine nominees vying for this year's best picture statuette.

Used Jeep sells for $90K in Cuba

For more than half a century, Cubans have kept old American-made cars in running condition. Now Havana has relaxed restrictions on the import of autos from the u-s and elsewhere.