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Widow hugs driver who killed husband in Atlanta courtroom

It was an emotional and uncommon scene in an Atlanta courtroom Thursday. The widow of a man killed in a 2011 car crash hugs the driver responsible for her husband's death.

Chipotle's new packaging features work from authors, comedians

The fast-food chain Chipotle is rolling out restaurant packaging featuring original essays by authors, actors and comedians, from Toni Morrison and Malcolm Gladwell to Sarah Silverman and Judd Apatow.

5 black bears decide to move into Midwest neighborhood

Five black bears have been hanging out in the trees of a neighborhood in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. Two of the bears appear to be younger and have been climbing up and down the trees.

50% of Americans take prescription drugs

About half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug each month, and 10% take more than four, according to a new government report.

Only 10% of alcoholics get meds to treat addiction

Ask the average person how to treat alcoholism, and they’ll probably describe an AA meeting or maybe a 30-day stint in a fancy rehab center. What won’t leap to mind, even for most experts, is medication.

Wild turkey terrorizes Wisconsin town

A wild turkey has one Wisconsin town running scared. Some want the aggressive bird removed, while others say leave it alone.

Jay Z, Beyonce break silence on Solange fight video

We may never know the why -- though there has been no shortage of speculation on the Internet -- but at least now we know what the Carter-Knowles family has to say about their already infamous elevator fight.

18-wheeler crashes into CA funeral home, starts fire

A big-rig crashed into a 90-year-old funeral home in San Francisco and burst into flames. The truck driver told police the hood of his truck popped open and he hit a median before smashing into the building.

Indianpolis man puts plants in city's potholes

An Indianapolis man says he's fed up with the city's unsightly potholes and the damage they cause. Tells us what he did to bring attention to the problem.

Brazilian teen breaks record for fastest text message

A 16-year-old from Brazil can dash off a wordy, complicated, text message in the time most of us can thumb "Where R U?" And the folks with Guinness World Records have noticed.