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Buy a Warren Buffett Fathead for $29.99

Investors have been known to pay $1 million for the chance to pick Warren Buffett's brain over lunch. Now they can get his entire head for only $29.99.

Recall isn't GM's biggest problem

General Motors is reeling from its botched recall of 1.6 million cars for a faulty ignition switch that is tied to at least 12 deaths. But in many ways that's the least of the automaker's problems.

Gulf oil may be big trouble for big fish

Funny thing about fish: You can see right through them in their infancy and watch their organs develop.

Could too much homework make your child sick?

New research shows that some students are doing more than three hours of homework a night -- and that all that school work may be literally making them sick.

New Microsoft promo will give you $100 to buy a new PC

If you're still using Windows XP, you just won $100 from Microsoft. The only catch is that you have to upgrade to a new Windows 8 computer.

Giraffe bids goodbye to dying Dutch caretaker

Just a forewarning: You're about to cry all over your keyboard. We did when we saw the photo above, which shows a giraffe nuzzling a man through an enclosure window.

NY: Good Samaritan rescues abandoned baby left in cold

A baby boy was allegedly left out in the cold. Now, New York police are questioning the baby's parents, both teenagers. “I'm at a loss for words,” said Michael Allen, the man who found the baby.

Malaysian officials say 'all lives lost' on Flight 370

Authorities say the flight ended in the waters of the south Indian Ocean; with no survivors. All 239 people, lost. News came from a definitive statement by the Malaysian prime minister:

Nun gets towed while delivering food to homeless in N.O.

She was only trying to feed the hungry, when her delivery truck got towed. Now the local nun is asking for sensitivity training for the driver.

Hollywood plans to make movie about Target hack

Does the computer breach at Target have the makings of a movie? Throw in a shotgun-toting security analyst, Russian hackers, drugs and a SWAT team and Hollywood appears to think so.