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Seventy-five million Americans under threat of severe weather

The scope is staggering. Some seventy-five million Americans are under threat of severe weather on Tuesday.

Internet Explorer bug lets hacker control your PC

If you're using Internet Explorer and click on the wrong link, a hacker could hijack your computer.

Bryan Cranston talks about life after 'Breaking Bad'

It's been difficult for die-hard fans of "Breaking Bad" to let go of the main character, Walter White -- and it turns out it's not been easy for the actor who portrayed him, either.

Clippers controversy: who is V. Stiviano?

She calls herself an artist, writer, chef, poet, stylist and philanthropist. The wife of her 80-year-old boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) calls her a mistress and a gold digger.

'Motorcycle gangs' an effective force for U.S. in Afghanistan

A silent, nimble, two-wheeled killing machine.

Hackers get into baby monitor camera, yell at infant in Ohio

An Ohio couple says they feel violated after discovering their baby monitor camera was hacked by a stranger.

PA bride allegedly kills niece after wedding reception

A Pennsylvania bride is jailed for allegedly killing a family member after her wedding reception. Instead of a honeymoon with her new husband, the bride spent her wedding night in handcuffs.

Miley Cyrus recovering, planning new tour dates

Miley Cyrus is back on track after a severe allergic reaction put the pop star in the hospital.

CT police arrest Paul Simon for disordely conduct

Singer-songwriter Paul Simon said Monday that he and wife Edie Brickell "had an argument" before they were arrested Saturday. Brickell, in a statement sent to CNN by her lawyer, said she started it.

McDonald's franchise owners not 'lovin it'

  Ronald McDonald has a new coif and a jaunty red blazer. But a makeover won't help much when he gets in front of some angry franchise owners at the McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Orlando this week.