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Will Houston knock down it's 49-year-old Astrodome?

Some folks in Texas think it would be a good idea if they tore down what has been called the "Eighth Wonder of the World" and replaced it with a park.

Teen entrepreneur's drone advertising business takes off in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV (KVVU) -- A young entrepreneur from Philadelphia has a vision of drones flying up and down the Las Vegas Strip. The unmanned aircraft would fly advertising banners.

Rescued elephant cries tears of joy after 50 years of abuse in India

An elephant crying real tears is making people all over the world smile. The story of a chained elephant, crying as he was rescued, has gone viral.

Grandfather saves twin granddaughters from burning RV in Oregon

Salem, OR (KPTV) -- A family barely escaped a burning RV early Thursday morning. Now, a grandfather is in the hospital recovering from his injuries after he went back into the burning camper to save his grandkids.

Parts of the U.S. could see 40 degree temperatures in July

Blame Canada, and especially Typhoon Neoguri: Next week isn't going to feel very much like summer in parts of the United States.

Expect 3 supermoons this summer!

What's better than a "supermoon"? Three Supermoons! The full moons of summer this year -- July 12, August 10 and September 9 -- will all be Supermoons, as NASA calls them.

LeBron James says 'I'm coming home' to Cleveland

After four years away, King James is sensationally taking his throne back to Cleveland.

Border agents find 2 live parrots found hidden in Elmo doll

SAN LUIS, AZ (KNXV) -- Two live parrots were found hidden inside an Elmo doll by agents when a California couple tried to enter the U.S. in San Luis, Ariz.

Should the U.S. government step in to prevent hot car deaths?

While the case of the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son to die in a hot car continues to grip the nation, it has also sparked a debate about whether more could be done to prevent the accidental deaths of children f

Virus detected in baby 'cured' of HIV

A Mississippi baby scientists thought was "functionally cured" of HIV now has detectable levels of the virus in her blood, her doctors say.