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Swim ban lifted after shark swarm shuts down Alabama beach

It's finally legal to swim off the shore of Orange Beach, Alabama, after a crowd of sharks dispersed into deeper waters Tuesday, officials say.

Tennessee man accused of chopping up woman and eating her remains

It wasn't enough for Gregory Scott Hale to kill his victim, authorities say.

New front in Amazon kerfuffle: Warner movies

Hachette books aren't the only products that are now harder to order on Amazon -- the online retailer is going after movies, too.

Oregon Police: shooter kills one, then himself at high school

(CNN) -- When the shooting started at her high school near Portland, Oregon, early Tuesday, student Jaimie Infante didn't recognize the sound of the gunshot. She thought maybe somebody had dropped a book.

Wallet missing for 20 years returned to owner in Ohio

A man in northeast Ohio gets back the wallet he lost twenty years ago. Kevin Gibson lost his wallet at the Brookside Golf Course, when he was a college student at Ashland University.

NASA cameras capture huge solar flares

The sun is putting on a fireworks show again.

Friend of Vegas shooters regrets not calling cops after red flags

Filled with regret, Kelley Fielder wishes she would have tried to stop them.

Healthy twins born 24 days apart in Boston

In Boston, a set of twins born 24 days apart are healthily, thanks to the efforts of doctors who performed a rare surgery to save both children.

St. Louis Archbishop says he 'didn't know' sex with child was a crime

The current archbishop of St. Louis says he was unsure if a priest having sex with a child was a crime back when he was auxiliary bishop in the twin cities.

NC man holds German woman as sex slave in wharehouse

A woman from Germany is now safe after police say she was held as a sex slave by North Carolina man. The suspect is now charged with human trafficking and facing more charges.