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No judge wants to hear Joe Brown's case

Memphis, TN (WREG) -- A Friday hearing in the contempt of court charge against Joe Brown has been cancelled. All the judges in Shelby County Criminal Court, where Brown was once a judge, have recused themselves.

Kids in CA eat world's heaviest PB&J sandwich

You'll need a few dozen pounds of peanut butter if you want to build one of the biggest PB&J sandwiches ever made. And who better to eat it than a group of kids!

Study: Gay marriage would add $50 million to Colorado's economy

Denver, CO (WGCL) -- Extending marriage to gay and lesbian couples in Colorado would generate $50 million in spending to the state economy and $3.7 million in state and local tax revenue, according to a study released Thursday.

VIDEO: SUV hit by train after running red light

A driver in Houston is lucky to be alive after a violent collision with a train. Police say the driver ran a red light and tried to beat the train by going around the crossing gates.

CA teen chooses to amputate leg

A young man in California suffering from a painful and debilitating leg condition has made a very difficult decision. His classmates gathered around, Andrew Seelhoff and his mother had an important announcement to share.

New virtual reality software helps train high school athletes

New technology could help protect student athletes from injuries. Schools in and around Kansas City are using virtual reality to help teach athletes situational awareness on the football field.

Secrets from the set of 'The Big Bang Theory'

  It's one of the most famous sets on television right now.

Feds extradite Chris Brown to D.C. for assault trial

  Chris Brown has been transferred into the custody of federal agents for extradition to Washington to face an assault trial, officials confirmed Thursday.

2-legged dog becomes internet star after running on beach

A puppy in Vancouver, Washington has gained millions of fans because of what he's missing. Despite having only two legs, the boxer had a joyful run on the beach.

SC woman wins lottery, tells husband its a joke

Marietta, SC (WHNS) -- A Marietta woman said she told her husband she won the lottery and then told him she was just joking.