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Aide serves dog treats to elementary students in PA

Shock at a Pennsylvania school after a school aide gives dozens of students dog treats to eat at recess. Kids and their parents say it is all in poor taste.

Texas Republicans favor 'reparative therapy' platform for gays

Texas Republicans have adopted a party platform that includes support for voluntary psychological "therapy" targeted at converting homosexuals to heterosexuals.

The Bergdahl exchange: the weekend developments

The negotiated release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban figures has turned into a whirlwind of controversy -- some of it political and some of it from the very soldiers he served with in Afghanistan.

How to manage finances in your 20's

Chances are most new grads are not thinking about savings, retirement, or home buying right now. But they should be. A solid financial foundation starts early.

Are butter, cheese and meat really that bad for you?

"To eat, or not to eat?" For many people these days, that really is the question.

Volunteers repair FL vet's home destroyed by squatters

It was a happy homecoming Wednesday for a soldier in New Port Richey, Florida. His home, which had been nearly destroyed by squatters, was renovated and ready for him to move in.

Should new graduates move out or move back home?

A major decision for new college grads is where to move when they leave campus, especially if they're still looking to land a job.

Students hope to uplift Portland with street paintings

Portland, OR (The Skanner News) -- Two projects in the Albina Killingsworth neighborhood aim to bring people together to build community through turning intersections into public gathering places.

Experts say future airplanes will be more efficient, greener

The disruptive days of thunderous, fuel-guzzling planes hovering in our skies could be a thing of the past. So too could the tortuous queues and endless boarding process, if futuristic flight concepts become reality.

How new graduates can manage student loans

Graduation season has put U.S. student loan debt back in the spotlight, even on Capitol Hill.