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Feds wrestle with defendants who are 'too big to jail'

Can prosecutors bring criminal charges against a bank without rocking the financial system?

CA companies modify pigs to grow humanized lungs

La Jolla, CA (The San Diego Union-Tribune) -- In a move filled with the promise of scientific innovation but also the prospect of controversy, a La Jolla company is set to announce Tuesday that it will join forces with a biotech firm to create

Why your bank can break up with you

Your bank has the right to cut you off anytime it wants. But why exactly would it break up with you?

CA amusement park auctions off rides, other items

For decades, imaginations have come to life at Storyland-Playland in Fresno, CA. Now you can bring a piece of that home.

Changes east to west: Breaking down the climate report by region

A number of themes emerge from the regional reports included in the National Climate Assessment -- things like risks to infrastructure due to rising oceans both benefits and harm to agricultural production because of changing temperature, and n

How to cut down on summer costs

We often think of the holidays as a peak time for financial stresses, but spending on summer can add up too.

Panel suggests fixes for death penalty in U.S.

Federal and state governments should move to a single lethal drug for executions instead of complex cocktails that can be botched, a group of criminal justice experts said in a new review of the death penalty in the United States.

Neo-Nazis admit to killing sex offender in SC, say would've killed more

Union, SC (WHNS) -- An Upstate white supremacist couple admitted to killing a Union County man, and his wife, because he was registered sex offender as they were sentenced to life in prison.

40 FL teens miss prom after passing Breathalyzer tests

It wasn't a matter of "all dressed up and no place to go" for a group of Florida high schoolers. Rather, it was more that they were all dressed up and told they couldn't go -- until they took sobriety tests.

Lion cubs pass first swim test at National Zoo

The National Zoo's four African lion cubs will soon be on display after passing one serious test.