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Gap raising its minimum pay to $10/hour

Gap Inc. is raising the minimum pay for 65,000 U.S. employees, winning praise from President Obama who is pushing to raise the nation's minimum wage by a similar amount.

Four ways the rich will pay more this tax season

Thanks to the fiscal cliff deal and the Affordable Care Act, the top 1% of taxpayers - and many in the top 3% as well - will have to pay a bigger tax bill come April 15.

Jailed husband of self-professed serial killer to CNN: 'I still love her'

Elytte Barbour said Wednesday that his teenage bride's assertion she'd killed more than 22 people -- including one allegedly with him -- hasn't changed the way he feels about her.

California sells winning $425 million Powerball ticket

It was either a very restless or restful night of sleep for someone who bought a Powerball ticket in Northern California.

Drinking game has taken social media by storm: possibly life threatening

What started as a drinking game has now taken over social media and is also taking lives.

Military says it accidently dropped a 500-lb bomb on US outpost back in 2012

Military officials say a US aircraft accidentally dropped a 500-pound bomb on a US outpost in Afghanistan. A camera strapped to a soldier's helmet was rolling when the explosion rocked the barracks.

Rand Paul fights for felon voting rights

Tayna Fogle sat just behind Sen. Rand Paul, nodding her head and listening as he pressed the case with Kentucky state senators to restore felon voting rights.

Some PA residents near blown Chevron gas well finding pizza gift hard to swallow

Some Pennsylvania residents who live near a Chevron natural gas well that exploded, killing a worker, are getting compensation of sorts from the corporation. Free pizza and sodas.

84-year-old nun sentenced to 35 months for destroying government property in protest

An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to 35 months in prison Tuesday for breaking into a nuclear facility, her lawyer said.

Priceline for landlords may determine your next rent

Your next rent hike may be determined by a sort of for landlords.