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Queen of England visits 'Game of Thrones' set

Look out Lannisters ... Windsor is coming.

Iowa summer camp teaches kids how to survive zombie apocalypse

Davenport, IA (WQAD) -- Zombie apocalypses are always a threat to modern society, at least that's what the kids at Zombie Camp think.

VIDEO: TX man uses broom to coax owl out of house

We’ve seen plenty of videos recently of humans and wildlife in the wrong place at the wrong time. But you've probably never seen one quite like this.

Why Ray-Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses cost $150

Would you pay $150 for a pair of sunglasses?

Curiosity Rover spends full Martian year on red planet

A year is a very long time on Mars -- 687 days. NASA's Curiosity rover can attest that it's enough time for some unexpected life changes.

Thief forgets to log out of Facebook while burglarizing MN home, gets caught

A Minnesota man is in jail because he logged on to Facebook, during his alleged crime. Police say Nicholas Wig checked his profile from a home he broke into, and then didn't log off!

Case of girl who fought for adult lung transplant leads to policy change

A year ago, Sarah Murnaghan, an 11-year-old Pennsylvania girl, was fighting for her life while her family waged a campaign to change a national policy on lung transplants for child recipients.

7.9 earthquake near Alaska

An initial tsunami advisory has been canceled for coastal Alaska. One had been issued after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Monday about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island, Alaska.

Texas jogger finds child abandoned in bushes after car theft

During her morning jog in north Houston, Hong Nguyen stumbled across an unusual sight: a baby girl partially hidden in the bushes near the side of the road.

Alaska facing Tsunami warning after 8.0 earthquake

Tsunami warning issued after 8.0 earthquake near Alaska A tsunami warning has been issued for coastal Alaska following a magnitude 8.0 earthquake located about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island, Alaska.