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TX: fed up bus driver throws keys to child, says ‘you drive’

In Texas, a school bus driver fed up with her rambunctious passengers screeches to a halt in the middle of traffic, then walks off! Outraged parents are clamoring for the driver to be fired for abandoning their children.

Pit bull steals show, mitts at college softball game

Monmouth, OR (KPTV) -- There are a lot of statistics in baseball and softball, but after a pit bull interrupted a Western Oregon University softball game this week, the sport needs one more: stolen gloves.

Seattle mayor announces 'historic' plans for $15 minimum wage

Seattle, WA (KCPQ) -- Mayor Ed Murray announced plans for a $15 an hour minimum wage Thursday, calling the proposal that would take three to seven years to fully implement "historic."

OH town puts up offensive sculpture despite backlash

Adrian, OH (WTVG) -- After last week's firestorm of feedback, the city moved the piece to a different public location. However, some people around Yew Park want it taken away to a gallery or museum.

Report says the 1% are really raking it in

Shocker: The rich are doing much better than everyone else.

Hawaii's homeless build to tree houses to stay off street

Some of Hawaii’s homeless are moving off the streets and into tree houses. Tobias Debardeleben built his new home in just three days.

Subway leads fast food industry in underpaying workers

McDonald's gets a lot of bad press for its low pay. But there's an even bigger offender when it comes to fast food companies underpaying their employees: Subway.

LeapFrog makes wearable tech, rewards kids for exercising

Wearable tech for kids coming from LeapFrog The wearable technology movement is in full effect, and exercise-based activity trackers lead the way. Now, it's becoming child's play.

Microsoft fixes Internet Explorer, even for XP

Microsoft has issued a patch for the Internet Explorer flaw that lets hackers take control of your computer -- even for users of Windows XP.

Chris Brown faces trial in L.A. before 25th birthday

Chris Brown must stay locked up in the Los Angeles County jail for at least another week while his lawyer negotiates with the prosecutor about his probation violation, a judge said Thursday.