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Seven other chemicals in your food

Anyone who's ever read a nutrition label knows that our food supply is full of hard-to-pronounce chemicals.

Uncle Ben's infused rice products recalled after 'allergic-like' reactions

The company that makes some Uncle Ben's products says it is recalling bags of flavored rice after people developed flushing and rashes after eating one of the rice varieties.

Winter storm part deux: This time, we're ready, says Georgia

Fire up the salt trucks. Cancel after-school plans. Position the National Guard.

Ecuador's spectacular Andean train rises again

A blast from the steam whistle on a cherry-red locomotive sends a gathering of locals on a platform scuttling with delight in the town of Durán, Ecuador.

Jay Leno's farewell: His best punchlines

 In the 22 years that Jay Leno hosted the "Tonight Show" -- give or take the spare months Conan O'Brien took the helm -- O.J. Simpson was the celebrity most often used as the butt of Leno's jokes.

Facebook answers grieving dad's emotional plea

It was a desperate plea from a tearful dad, tossed like a message in a bottle into the vast sea of the Internet.

Curiosity rover takes snapshot of Earth from 100 million miles away on Mars

It's a dot in the sky. But not just any dot. For the Curiosity rover, it's home.

Relax, weekend weight gain won't kill your diet

You've been eating well all week: oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch and grilled chicken with vegetables for dinner. Then the weekend hits.

New headset called 'Glyph' beams video into your eyes

Forget about the big screen, the small screen and even the second screen. A headset due to be released this year promises to beam movies, video games or even video calls directly into your eyeballs.

The power of prejudice and why you should speak up

An argument between two mothers at my children's elementary school turned ugly recently when one of the moms was told to "go back to where you came from."