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CO expects less money from pot taxes

It's been just three months since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, but economists don't think the state will raise as much in taxes as was hoped.

OR residents march for transgender student banned from college dorm

A transgender student says his university is discriminating against him. He’s pushing for the right to live in the all-male student housing, but he isn't alone in that fight.

Police arrest 'raging anti-Semite' in KC shootings

A Missouri man, with a long virulent history of anti-Semitism, is suspected of killing a boy and his grandfather outside a Jewish community center in Kansas City and a woman at a Jewish assisted living facility nearby.

Why women need to take eye health seriously

Women are at higher risk for some eye diseases than men and the overwhelming majority aren't aware of their increased risk. Our vision may seem a little blurry with age. However, doctors have a very clear message.

What Stephen Colbert is like out of character

  The real Stephen Colbert is probably someone "Stephen Colbert," the character, would find easy to mock.

How the Federal Government spends your tax dollars

Your tax preparation software may tell you how much you owe in federal income taxes for 2013, but it won't tell you how your money is spent by the federal government.

What is causing lime prices to skyrocket?

Prices for limes grown in Mexico are on the rise after a shortfall in production. So will this lead to an increase in the price of your margarita? In Mexico, they're practically a sacred institution.

VOLUNTEER SERIES: D.C. woman makes the needy feel at home

April is National Volunteer Month, and this week, organizations across the country are offering Americans a chance to give back. A woman in Washington D.C. has a knack for turning houses into homes.

Why the hotel minibar is dying

"7-Eleven killed the minibar." The sentiments of one hotel manager in Hong Kong could well extend to hotels around the world.

HEALTH MINUTE: effects of childhood obesity

A new study says obesity rates in children appear to be holding steady, but the number of the most severely obese children in the U.S, has more than doubled since 1999, according to a study in the journal Jama Pediatrics.