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Rembering the Boston Marathon bombings, 1 year later

Thousands have gathered in Boston to mark the year since the bombings at the city's iconic marathon. Vice president Joe Biden was among those paying tribute to the victims, the survivors and the city of Boston.

Lindsay Lohan's mom pleads guilty to drunk driving, speeding

Dina Lohan, mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, entered a guilty plea to drunken driving and speeding charges in a Long Island, New York, court Tuesday.

Ohio police find meth lab inside stolen U-Haul truck

Bizarre Meth Bust Inside U-Haul Truck Akron (FOX 8 News) -- A meth lab is discovered in the back of a missing U-Haul truck.

Accused K.C. killer is neo-pagan, not Christian

Frazier Glenn Cross is a white supremacist, an avowed anti-Semite and an accused killer. But he is not, as many think, a Christian.

Coast Guard seizes $110 million of cocaine in Carribean

The picture above is the haul from two major drug busts in the Caribbean. Coast Guard crew members pulled into Miami Beach, on April 15, to offload an estimated 3,300 kilos of cocaine.

WATCH: time-lapse of full 'Blood Moon' eclipse

Sky gazers caught a glimpse of the "blood moon" crossing the Earth's shadow Tuesday in all its splendor. The moon took on a reddish hue as it appeared in different phases between 2 and 4:30 a.m. ET.

Research says some moist wipes can cause allergies

There are a lot of personal products out there that make life a little easier. But with convenience, sometimes comes complications.

Staff member humiliates non-graduating students in CA

Parents and students are outraged after a rally for seniors at a southern California high school.

Your taxes are due!

Tax Day is officially here.

Pharrell Williams cries 'Happy' tears on Oprah

   Go ahead and grab a tissue before you watch this one.