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84-year-old nun sentenced to 35 months for destroying government property in protest

An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to 35 months in prison Tuesday for breaking into a nuclear facility, her lawyer said.

Priceline for landlords may determine your next rent

Your next rent hike may be determined by a sort of for landlords.

World's most colorful carnival celebrations

It's carnival season, that pre-Lent period of collective frenzy that celebrates overindulgence and transgression before Ash Wednesday ushers in a more sober time of prayer, penance and abstention in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Florida 'loud music' trial juror: 'I believed he was guilty'

One of the jurors who convicted Michael Dunn of attempted murder after he fired into an SUV during a fatal argument over loud music believes he should have been convicted of first-degree murder.

Canadian police search for illegal BASE jumper, seen on YouTube

The search is on for a suspected BASE jumper seen in a video making a daring leap from a ski gondola in Canada. One person, an alleged accomplice, is already facing charges.

Houston thieves crash car into gas station to steal case of beer

Some thirsty thieves went to a lot of trouble just to get a cold one. Surveillance cameras caught the crooks driving their car through a gas station. Their only loot? A pack of Bud Light.

Ted Nugent hits campaign trail for Texas GOP candidate

Controversial 65-year-old rock star Ted Nugent is campaigning Tuesday with likely Texas GOP gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott, the state's current attorney general who makes no apologies for inviting Nugent on the trail with him.

After 150 careers, Barbie becomes an entrepreneur

Barbie probably boasts the most diverse resume in history. After sailing through 150 careers, Barbie newest gig is an entrepreneur.

Video games on CDs may become a thing of the past

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may be the last of a dying breed of CD-based video game consoles.

Northwestern University QB leads effort to unionize football team

Kain Colter actually got this idea sitting in a college classroom at Northwestern University.