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3-D printer saves Michigan toddler

When Garrett Peterson was born, nurses couldn't rotate his head from side to side. Doing so made him turn blue instantly.

CO Governor signs two marijuana saftey bills into law

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) signed two bills into law Monday designed to keep children safe from marijuana.

GM recalls another 1.5 million vehicles

Still smarting from controversy involving a faulty ignition switch, General Motors announced three new recalls involving another 1.5 million vehicles.

Experts say March Madness will cost $1 billion in productivity

College sports fans love it. Some bosses, hate it. As March Madness gets underway, daytime games and office pools could temporarily put work on the sidelines.

Candy Crush company founder will miss out on $1 billion

Toby Rowland quit Candy Crush a bit too early.

TSA confiscates grenade-shaped perfume bottle from AZ woman

An Arizona woman says she's out an $83 bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume, all because of an airport security check. She says TSA screeners confiscated her perfume because they thought it was shaped like a weapon.

FDA recommends HPV test before Pap in detecting cervical cancer

Could a new procedure be taking the place of the Pap test? An FDA advisory committee unanimously recommended this week that an HPV or Human Papillomavirus test become the first line of screening for the deadly disease.

Maker of Biden's favorite BBQ sauce, begs VP to visit

Vice President Joe Biden reveals his favorite barbecue sauce comes from southern Mississippi. It’s called The Shed, after the restaurant where it's made.

Colts owner under arrest for driving while intoxicated

Colts owner Jim Irsay was intoxicated on pills and going 10 mph in a 35 mph zone when police stopped him in Carmel Sunday night, court documents said.

Is the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church near death?

Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas congregation known for picketing funerals with anti-gay signs, called reports that its founder, Fred Phelps, is near death "speculative."