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Brand new $10M yacht capsizes in WA marina

You can hear the frantic screams for help on cellphone video when five men get trapped inside a capsized yacht. Wade Benda was one of those men trapped in the tiny air pocket with water rushing in.

GM recalls another 2.4 million vehicles

General Motors' recall headache continues to grow. The automaker recalled another 2.4 million U.S. cars and trucks Tuesday, including 1.3 million popular late-model crossover vehicles, and 1.1 million older cars.

How Moore, OK is coping a year after F-5 tornado

Moore, Oklahoma, marks a somber anniversary on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. It was a year ago that a massive tornado ripped through the city, leaving 24 dead, including 7 children.

NC police say man raped girl, lived in closet for 5 days

A North Carolina man is accused of hiding out in a 14-year-old girl's closet for days as he sexually assaulted her. Deputies say the girl told them they met online but that he assaulted her once they got to her house.

Marine vet to receive Medal of Honor after taking grenade for comrade

William "Kyle" Carpenter lost most of his jaw and an eye when he fell on a grenade to shield a fellow Marine from the blast.

Macklemore apologizes for offensive 'anti-Semitic' costume

Rapper Macklemore, who won a Grammy for a song praised for its cultural sensitivity, insists that he wasn't stereotyping Jews with a costume he wore to a Seattle event Friday.

How AT&T got busted up and pieced back together

When you look at the history of AT&T, you wonder why federal regulators ever bothered to break up the telecom giant.

What were China's hacker spies after?

Blueprints to nuclear power plants. Business plans at a solar energy company. Key computers at steel manufacturers.

Florida MERS patient recovers

A U.S. patient who had an infection of the mysterious MERS virus has recovered, the Florida Department of Health announced Monday.

Kids deal with vomiting, burning eyes working on tobacco farms

Jessica Rodriguez was 11 years old when she first stepped onto a tobacco field in Snow Hill, North Carolina. She spent the next five summers working on a neighbor's tobacco farm, usually six days a week.