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Malaysian officials say 'all lives lost' on Flight 370

Authorities say the flight ended in the waters of the south Indian Ocean; with no survivors. All 239 people, lost. News came from a definitive statement by the Malaysian prime minister:

Nun gets towed while delivering food to homeless in N.O.

She was only trying to feed the hungry, when her delivery truck got towed. Now the local nun is asking for sensitivity training for the driver.

Hollywood plans to make movie about Target hack

Does the computer breach at Target have the makings of a movie? Throw in a shotgun-toting security analyst, Russian hackers, drugs and a SWAT team and Hollywood appears to think so.

Shark attacks kite surfer in FL

A south Florida man was bitten by a shark and he has teeth marks in his arm to prove it. It was a normal day at the beach for kite surfer Kurt Hoffman, when all of a sudden; he says his arm felt like it got caught in a bear trap.

Prostitution sting catches police chief in Minnesota

The police chief of Robbinsdale, Minnesota has resigned, more than a month after being arrested in a prostitution sting. Former Police Chief Steve Smith is expected to be arraigned in court on March 24).

Washington landslide: 8 dead, more than a dozen unaccounted for

The sheriff of Snohomish County, Washington, points at a pile of muddy rubble and describes what he sees.

Apple eyes partnerships in bid to reinvent TV

Apple may have grand ideas about how to reinvent television, but for now, rather than attempting an end-run around the industry's incumbents, it continues to seek partnerships with them.

Stocks in pizza, buffalo wings are slam-dunk on Wall Street

Forget winning your bracket... That victory is just short-term. What about picking a winning investment...for the long-term?

MN restaurant angers town by hosting Nazi reenactment party

A Minneapolis restaurant owner is receiving threatening calls after a questionable party at his establishment.