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Chicago man loses 200 pounds after quiting smoking, drinking

Mario Colao jolted out of bed at 3 in the morning. He was covered in sweat, his left arm was completely numb and his heart was pounding violently. He started crying because he was terrified of what was happening to him.

When will Google Glass become commonplace in the classroom?

When high schoolers tour the world's largest nuclear research facility from their desks, or teachers have a chance to see the classroom through students' eyes, that's the power of Google Glass.

8 roadside attractions worth stoping for

Lower your expectations enough and any roadside attraction is a good excuse to stretch your legs, lose a couple bucks, and see a genuine slice of Americana you'll likely never visit again.

A look inside the massive airplane, Airbus A350 XWB

To fully appreciate all the A350 XWB promises to offer, your imagination needs to take a rather giant leap.

Study says water could be flowing on Mars right now

The presence of water on Mars is often talked about in the past tense -- as in, billions of years in the past. But researchers have found clues that water could be flowing in the present, at least during warm seasons.

'Urban explorers' have love for abandoned buildings

Ken Fager now calls himself an "urban explorer," but years ago he was just a study-abroad student who missed his train in Butzbach, Germany, and decided to spend the next few hours walking through an abandoned factory by the station.<

Your DNA could be used to recreate history, study says

Most people are carrying around historical records in their DNA, with clues to how people from genetically distinct groups intermingled over the last 4,000 years. That's the conclusion of a new study in the journal Science.

'Unboxing' videos, becoming lucrative Internet business

An enthusiastic male voice announces the new haul -- a dozen fresh Disney-themed Kinder Eggs -- while a disembodied hand rotates a fully wrapped chocolate treat for the camera.

Termite-inspired robots could build in space and underwater

Human construction projects are generally centrally planned, with people in leadership roles supervising how everything is put together, and builders aware of the overall progress.

World's most popular honeymoon spots

For some it's Paris, for others Rome. For others it gets no more exotic than the local Indian restaurant. But where would you like to spend your honeymoon? Or where did you spend it?