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PA bride allegedly kills niece after wedding reception

A Pennsylvania bride is jailed for allegedly killing a family member after her wedding reception. Instead of a honeymoon with her new husband, the bride spent her wedding night in handcuffs.

Miley Cyrus recovering, planning new tour dates

Miley Cyrus is back on track after a severe allergic reaction put the pop star in the hospital.

CT police arrest Paul Simon for disordely conduct

Singer-songwriter Paul Simon said Monday that he and wife Edie Brickell "had an argument" before they were arrested Saturday. Brickell, in a statement sent to CNN by her lawyer, said she started it.

McDonald's franchise owners not 'lovin it'

  Ronald McDonald has a new coif and a jaunty red blazer. But a makeover won't help much when he gets in front of some angry franchise owners at the McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Orlando this week.

Why laughing is healthy

Can watching a funny cat video at work actually improve your productivity? Maybe!

Crews discover thousands of "E.T." Atari games in NM landfill

30-years of speculation lead to an archeological dig in New Mexico and the discovery of several old-school Atari games. They weren't looking for Jimmy Hoffa, or dinosaur bones, but E.T.

NBA owner causes controversy with alleged racist comments

An NBA team owner is in hot water after allegedly making racist comments during an argument with his girlfriend.

95-year-old composer hears his music performed for 1st time

A 95-year-old Colorado man proves it's never too late to live out your dreams. It was a packed house, all awaiting to hear the world premiere of a choral composition created more than 80 years ago.

MN teen takes TV host to prom

It was a weekend to remember for a Minnesota teenager who took a TV star to the prom. Watch the video above for more about the story.

Minimum wage: Congress stalls, states act

Odds remain low that Congress will raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage anytime soon.