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Movie theaters ban Google Glass and other wearables

That idea you had about bringing your Google Glass to the movie theater to surreptitiously record Ben Affleck bare all in "Gone Girl"?

Maine nurse in Ebola controversy bikes from home, then returns

In any other circumstance, it would be the furthest thing from a headline: Maine nurse leaves home on bike.

Hawaii volcano: National Guard moves in as lava nears homes

The thick, fiery stream of lava oozing over eastern Hawaii is about to cross Pahoa's main street and could soon envelop over a dozen homes.

World Series Game 7 standing room only tickets are going for $800

People are paying about $1,000 to see Kansas City play San Francisco in Game 7 of the World Series Wednesday night. Even standing room only tickets are going for as much as $800 on StubHub.

Ohio father encourages son to beat up a younger child

Two boys, the big kid 13, the smaller one 12, start a fight. When the younger boy is slammed to the ground, he shatters his ankle.

Hackers infiltrate computer network used by Obama's advisers

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Hackers have broken into an unclassified computer network used by President Obama's top advisers.

Chris Christie on possible Ebola lawsuit: 'Whatever'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former U.S. attorney, said he had no qualms about a possible lawsuit from the recently quarantined nurse in his state.

Legal pot on the ballot in 2 states, D.C.

Smoking pot without a doctor's note? Right now that's only legal in Colorado and Washington. But that could change soon.

566,000 Dodges and Jeeps recalled

Potential for a fuel leak and fire, as well as a separate issue impacting vehicle stability systems, are behind two Dodge and Jeep recalls Wednesday morning.

Why U.S. Ebola patients seem to be recovering faster

For a disease that kills more than 50% of its victims abroad, Ebola in the United States is getting snuffed out at a remarkably fast rate.