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What employers want from new college graduates

New college grads and their parents are eyeing the latest jobs report for clues on where to land a starting role. Grant Haver just graduated with a political science degree.

Why airlines make 'less than $6 per passenger'

The aviation industry thrives on big numbers.

Japanese company introduces emotional robot

When someone is being stiff and acting emotionless, we may have to quit calling them a robot.

Bobby Jindal taking summer road trips but not for vacation

For many Americans, Friday's ringing in of the weekend brings two days off from work. But that's definitely not the case over the next three weekends for Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

Why more dads are staying at home with the kids

Stay-at-home dads are no longer such a rarity on the playground. The number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled since 1989, according to a new Pew Research Center report released Thursday.

How the NSA can remotely 'turn on' your phone

Even if you power off your cell phone, the U.S. government can turn it back on.

Why your commute to work is getting worse

One thing that will get worse as the economy improves? Your commute.

New Orleans veteran recalls D-Day 70 years later

Today, June 6, 2014, marks the 70th anniversary of the allied D-Day invasion of Normandy. And we want to introduce you to one of the veterans, 93-year-old Thomas Blakey, who took part in the mission.

5 tips for women trying to restart their careers

With more than 40% of women taking some kind of break from their careers to care for their families, trying to jump start that career can be a daunting prospect.

Student hero stops gunman at Seattle Pacific University

Jon Meis' reported habit of carrying pepper spray may have saved students' lives after a man opened fire at a Seattle college.