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Rice University students develop life saving infant breathing machine

When Chokonjetsa was born, he weighed just over 2 pounds. His tiny, underdeveloped lungs struggled for each breath.

Sunken art exhibit opens up in the Maldives

Personally, we'd rather not have anything obstructing the incredible views from a Maldives resort. We could stare out the window for months -- especially if those windows are underwater.

Mother of astronaut helps overturn CA murder conviction

After almost 17 years in prison, this was it: This was The Moment. Gloria Killian's murder conviction had been overturned. Carrying a small bag of her belongings, she walked out of prison as a free woman.

Juvenile detainees create children's books in WA

Reading, writing and arithmetic are the building blocks for a good education. And now local students are learning how to read thanks to the hard work by students at the Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

Safety tips for Spring Break 2014

During spring break, college students often flock to the coast for some sun, sand, and a splash in the ocean. While this is a time to kick back and relax, experts say, don't let your guard down completely.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and eight other aviation mysteries

While such situations are rare, the puzzling disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 is not the first time a plane has vanished without a trace. Here are nine cases of mysterious plane disappearances and disasters.

200-year-old robot, still works

The boy wears an expressionless porcelain face and holds his right arm outstretched. Standing still, he could be a clothing store dummy. But crank the handle on the box below, and row after row of brass wheels begin to turn.

Only in Iceland, can you go into the magma chamber of a volcano

According to ancient legend, Iceland was once an immortal battlefield, with gods waging war in lava fields. Plumes of lava represented souls flung out from the inferno, while volcanoes were portals to hell.

Same-sex couple denied cake by bakery, owners speak out

A same-sex couple sparked a social media controversy after being turned down by a bakery that refused to make them a cake.

Big pig: North Carolina man fells 500-pound boar with one shot

Killing a 500-plus pound boar might sound like a big deal. But for one North Carolina man, it is just how he brings home the bacon. Jett Webb killed the massive animal last month in eastern North Carolina.