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Police: Teens break into mansion, party; stuffed leopard among $1M in Loot

Teens call them ghost parties: gatherings organized on a whim -- at a house that's often not the host's.

Texas teen Ethan Couch gets 10 years' probation for driving drunk, killing 4

To the families of the victims, Ethan Couch was a killer on the road, a drunken teenage driver who caused a crash that left four people dead.

New York City requires flu vaccine for children in city preschools and day cares

The New York City Board of Health unanimously approved a mandate Wednesday requiring all children under 5 enrolled in city-licensed preschools and day cares to receive the flu vaccine.

Pope Francis named Time Person of the Year 2013

Time named Pope Francis its person of the year Wednesday after nine months of a papacy that has brought accolades from reformers, raised fears among conservatives, and drawn widespread adulation from people around the world for his man-of-the-p

Accused 'revenge porn' operator says he's done nothing illegal

A California man accused of running a "revenge porn" website told CNN affiliate KFMB that he hasn't done anything criminal, but that he understands why people are upset and is done with the business.

FDA hopes to curb antibiotic use on farms

The Food and Drug Administration Wednesday will announce a plan aimed at phasing out the use of certain antibiotics in food-producing animals, saying it contributes to "the development of antimicrobial resistance."

Nevada rescue: 5 things family did right to survive

It could have had a much different outcome. A family of six spent two days in the Nevada wilderness in sub-zero temperatures after their Jeep rolled off the side of a dirt road and into a crevice.

SEC's Manziel, McCarron among Heisman hopefuls

Four quarterbacks and two running backs are among a record-tying six Heisman finalists.

REPORT: Mack Brown will step down as UT Longhorns football coach

According to Chip Brown of the University of Texas Rivals website,, head football coach Mack Brown will be stepping down after 16 years. An official decision is expected to be announced in the next 48 hours.

Old churches get makeovers as homes, bookstores

Some would knock on the door, like the unstable man who claimed he was Satan and had come to kill Jesus.