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Study: Rates of many mental disorders much higher in soldiers than in civilians

The largest study of mental-health risk ever conducted among the U.S. military has found that many soldiers suffer from some form of mental illness, and rates of many of these disorders are much higher in soldiers than in civilians.

15 New Orleans must-do's

With Carnival underway and Fat Tuesday on March 4, it's high season for reflecting on the virtues of New Orleans.

VIDEO: Flash mob has snowball fight in nation's capital

Dozens participated in a flash mob snowball fight at the National Mall, on March 3.

Russia's troop movements have World on edge

Much of the world is on edge today as Russia comes down hard on Ukraine. Thousands of Russian troops are already in the country and now Moscow is considering legislation that will make part of Ukraine, Russian territory.

Warren Buffet says he'd like to see minimum wage at $15 an hour

Warren Buffett said he would love to see the minimum wage double to $15 an hour. But he admits that wouldn't be a good idea. Speaking on CNBC Monday morning, Buffett said a minimum wage hike could hurt jobs.

Weather causes 1 million flight delays this winter

The number of flights canceled or delayed since Dec. 1 has now topped 1 million, according to flight tracker masFlight.

Feds say: Boston Marathon Bomber made damaging statement in prison

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev made a "statement to his detriment" during a prison visit by his sister, federal prosecutors said in a court document.

IN teen caught speeding 135 mph in 55 mph zone

 An Indiana State trooper could barely believe his eyes after clocking a speeding car at 135 mph Wednesday afternoon.

Rapper Tech N9ne makes anti-bullying song

The new hit song 'Fragile' by Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne was most recently listed #34 in the Top 40. The video for the song was shot entirely in Kansas City and sends a powerful message about bullying.

Family food allergies 101

Food allergies are on the rise, and are currently the fifth leading chronic illness in the United States.