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8 amazing American caves

Far beneath our feet, amazing caverns yawn and twist. The heart of anyone who stumbles on one must race with the thrill of discovery as well as a terror of encountering creatures in the dark.

Police arrest GA man over chicken wings

An outing to a grocery store turned into an ordeal for one Atlanta-area family. A dad was arrested after the store accused him and his son of eating chicken wings in the store and leaving without paying for them.

5-year-old girl saves mom's life in New Mexico

A five-year-old girl in New Mexico is being hailed as a hero after saving her mom's life. The little girl quickly came to her mom's aid after she went into diabetic shock.

Most popular baby names of 2013

Michael and Jacob, your reign has ended.

7'5" high school basketball star is taller than any NBA player

In the little Lake County town of Tavares, resides the tallest high school basketball player in the country. Sixteen-year old Elhadji Tacko Fall is anything but a uniform student at Liberty Christian Preparatory School.

KY man freezes mom’s body for 3 years to collect her retirement checks

Jon Whiteford had a secret so macabre, when a Kentucky sheriff's deputy showed up to question him about it, he pulled out a handgun and killed himself.

Should the Benham brothers have lost their HGTV show over their remarks?

The twin brothers who lost their HGTV show after a recording surfaced of one's anti-homosexuality views are surprisingly not upset at the network that fired them.

Women waiting longer to have their first child

More women over 35 are giving birth for the first time, according to a government study released Friday.

Oregon health officals call e-cigarrettes: 'Wild West' industry

Portland, OR (KPTV) -- Health advocates are calling it the "Wild West" of electronic cigarettes.

AZ debt collector leaves racist, profane voice message

Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) -- Fed up with the tactics of debt collectors, 200,000 people file complaints each year with the Federal Trade Commission.