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Super Bowl 'draft' picks for Seattle and New England

The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks hail from two of the finest craft beer regions in the U.S.

Mom: Family that refused vaccination put my baby in quarantine

It's an unseasonably warm day in Oakland, California, a perfect morning for Jennifer and Dave Simon to take their baby, Livia, out for a walk.

The growing poverty problem in America's schools

The majority of children in America's public schools now are low-income. And that has major implications for the future of the nation's workforce.

Oil giant Shell cuts spending by $15 billion

More bad news for oil industry workers and suppliers: Royal Dutch Shell has joined the ranks of energy companies who are slashing their spending.

What did the Northeast snowstorm cost?

The economic hit taken by the Northeast this week is kind of like the storm itself: not as bad as it could have been. Estimates from experts vary between $500 million and a little over $1 billion.

Connecticut company makes soda in honor of 'Deflategate'

In the wake of the recent controversy over deflate-gate, there is a brew at a Connecticut soda company.

'Zombie cat' presumed dead found alive five days after burial

It's like a plot line ripped from the scripts of "The Walking Dead" -- if the show's cast were made up of cats and took place in Florida.

Delivery driver breaks package, urinates on house

A seasonal delivery driver for UPS is out of a job after being caught on home surveillance video damaging a package and urinating on the side of a house. The incident happened on Jan. 8 at a home in the Heights.

Diamonds are getting cheaper. Time to buy?

The price of just-mined diamonds is falling. But the outlook for the prices consumers pay is less clear. This week, two British companies that mine for diamonds said prices for rough stones had fallen and will keep sliding.

Ford is recalling this cop car

Ford is recalling its specially-designed police sedans called Interceptors. The recall stems from a problem with a spring in the interior door handle, which Ford said could cause the door to unlatch during a side-impact crash.