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Gwyneth Paltrow splits with husband Chris Martin

  Gwyneth Paltrow and husband, singer Chris Martin, have split, the couple announced in a joint statement on Tuesday via her website, Goop.

Nebraska shelter teaches sign language to deaf dogs

It's a rare problem for one central Nebraska shelter: trying to communicate with two deaf dogs. For one pit bull mix, that means learning sign language. That’s right, signing!

Daredevils talk about why they parachuted off NY's WTC

Daredevils accused of parachuting off One World Trade Center in New York are talking about why they did it. Three base jumpers and an alleged accomplice were arrested Monday after performing the stunt last fall.

Sarah Palin's new reality show explores man caves, guns

  The Sportsman Channel's promo for Sarah Palin's new reality television venture features the gun-toting politico-turned-celebrity exploring her idea of American freedom: man caves, target shooting and race cars.

Malaysia uses underwater ROVs to search of flight wreckage

Families of those aboard flight 370 are grappling with the news from the Malaysian government that no one survived. But they still want evidence.

French watchdog group sues Facebook, Twitter and Google

  France's top consumer watchdog filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Facebook, Twitter and Google, accusing them of breaching Internet users' privacy, in the latest crackdown against data-collection policies.

Suspect pulls gun inside Iowa courtroom

A security scare at an Iowa courthouse, a suspect pulled a gun in front of the judge at his sentencing hearing on a meth charge. Cory Daugherty wasn't going to go down without a fight.

'American Horror Story' creator announces new season

Get ready to be freaked out, "American Horror Story" fans.

25 strippers file lawsuit against city of San Diego

Nude dancers at a Kearny Mesa strip club have filed a claim against the city of San Diego over the conduct of police officers during a recent raid at the club.

Real judge throws TV Judge Joe Brown in Memphis jail

TV’S Judge Joe Brown is out of jail this morning. A judge in Memphis, Tennessee held him in Contempt of Court Monday after a courtroom argument. Brown was representing a client in a child-support case.