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Crews discover thousands of "E.T." Atari games in NM landfill

30-years of speculation lead to an archeological dig in New Mexico and the discovery of several old-school Atari games. They weren't looking for Jimmy Hoffa, or dinosaur bones, but E.T.

NBA owner causes controversy with alleged racist comments

An NBA team owner is in hot water after allegedly making racist comments during an argument with his girlfriend.

95-year-old composer hears his music performed for 1st time

A 95-year-old Colorado man proves it's never too late to live out your dreams. It was a packed house, all awaiting to hear the world premiere of a choral composition created more than 80 years ago.

MN teen takes TV host to prom

It was a weekend to remember for a Minnesota teenager who took a TV star to the prom. Watch the video above for more about the story.

Minimum wage: Congress stalls, states act

Odds remain low that Congress will raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage anytime soon.

Random online friendship helps man lose nearly 400lbs

  Inspiration can come from unlikely places. Brian Flemming found the will to change his life in a drawing game.

Beyonce, Jay Z announce joint summer tour

Cue the screams: One of the hardest-working couples in show business is headed on tour. On Monday, Jay Z and Beyonce announced a joint summer trek that will take them to 16 cities throughout North America, starting in June.

Majority in Colorado say legal marijuana good

Most voters in the first state to legalize recreational marijuana say the move was good for their state, according to a new poll.

'Chaos' reigns as deadly tornadoes slam several states

A brutal band of severe weather battered the central Plains and mid-South late Sunday, killing at least 16 people in Arkansas and one in Oklahoma.

Cameron Diaz's guide to success

"It's a funny thing," Cameron Diaz recently told CNN of her career. "When you just leave your doors open, things come in."