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'Kill' list of classmates they hate get 3 girls a visit from police

Childish antics with a spiteful twist got three elementary school girls in Pennsylvania a visit from the police.

Sex app hook up leads to brutal hammer attack in Seattle

Seattle, WA (KCPQ) -- A man accused of beating another man he met for a casual sexual encounter with a hammer was arrested Wednesday after he attacked and assaulted Sea-Tac Airport police, documents show.

CA black bear roams city councilwoman’s neighborhood

Some California residents got quite the surprise on Monday, when they saw a black bear wandering thru their neighborhood.

Caught on Camera: diver survives attack off Hawaii

A dive off Hawaii’s Kona coast became dangerous after one diver rushed another, ripping of a woman's air supply. The scene was captured on two cameras off the Kona coast, last Thursday.

Be wary of the no money down iPhone 6

Thinking about buying an iPhone 6 once it comes out later this year? Be prepared to figure out brand new purchase plans -- and possibly pay more overall.

80-year-old karate instructor still kicking despite losing dojo

Overland Park (KCTV) -- After more than three decades in martial arts, 80-year-old Helen Dugan is a granny who can kick most butts. So she wasn't going to let a mall closing keep her down.

Caught on Camera: Thief steals flag from CA veteran

A California veteran is heartbroken after his U.S. Army flag was stolen from his home. Surveillance cameras captured the suspect walking away with it. Now the family hopes the video will lead police to the thief.

'Reading Rainbow' app now available

"Reading Rainbow" made its TV debut in 1983 with a simple idea: Use television to keep kids reading during summer by urging them to "take a look" in a book.

Federal judge declares Idaho's gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Idaho became the latest state Tuesday in which a federal judge declared its ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional, delivering yet another victory for same-sex proponents -- albeit not necessarily a definitive one.

Many claim to be child of the Zodiac killer; Louisiana man is only the latest

I am the son of a mass murderer whose dark deeds and enigmatic identity spawned silver screen thrillers. I am the son of the Zodiac killer.