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MN restaurant angers town by hosting Nazi reenactment party

A Minneapolis restaurant owner is receiving threatening calls after a questionable party at his establishment.

What to know about the Obamacare March 31st deadline

The White House is making a full-court press, hiring Lebron James to get Americans to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act, before March 31st.

NJ man steals $460K in quarters

It’s not the first time a government employee has lined his own pockets with public money. But one man is raising eyebrows... after admitting to stealing 460-thousand dollars... in quarters.

The world's 10 best beaches

Flip-flop weather must be right around the corner. While nearly any sun-soaked stretch of sand sounds perfect just now, some beaches clearly take the sand and surf prerequisites to a higher level.

Sony commissions first original TV series for PlayStation

  Joining streaming television services like Netflix and Amazon, Sony's PlayStation Network has commissioned its first original TV series.

The Alaskan winter in 7 pictures

In a few months, temperatures in the Alaskan interior near the town of Fairbanks will rise into the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit (mid- to high-20s Celsius).

The real billion dollar bracket winners of 2014

No one is likely to win the Warren Buffett-backed $1 billion prize offered by Yahoo and Quicken Loans to whoever can pick a perfect NCAA bracket. But there will still be big-dollar winners after this year's tournament.

Amazon working on device to rival Apple TV


How to stay fashionable without damaging your health

Many women want to keep up with the latest fashion and look attractive. But sometimes we have to tailor what we wear to ensure we stay healthy.

Sacramento wants cab drivers to have basic hygiene, other regulations

Sacramento city officials want cabbies to clean up their act. They are proposing new regulations for drivers, but not everyone is happy about it. Sacramento cabbie Ahmid Mahmoud is fired-up: