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Maryland: Mom kills two children in exorcism

A Maryland church community is trying to make sense of the alleged deaths of two children at the hands of their mother, a former member.

Missouri man accused of intentionally spreading HIV

A 22-year-old man in Missouri is accused of knowingly trying to spread HIV. Prosecutors say the former Lindenwood university student engaged in sexual activity with more than 30 people after he discovered he had HIV.

Kraft Velveeta product recalled

Truitt Brothers is recalling more than a million pounds of a Kraft Velveeta product for failing to identify soy as an ingredient, the U.S. government announced on Monday.

Life without benefits gets tougher for jobless

Some of the 1.3 million jobless Americans entering their fourth week without federal benefits are facing tough choices.

Teen identified as malware author after Target, Neiman Marcus hacked

A security firm has identified a teenager in Russia as the author of the malware used in the cyberattacks against Target and Neiman Marcus, and warned retailers to be prepared for more potential breaches.

Rare recording of Martin Luther King Jr. talking about John F. Kennedy released

A previously unheard recording of Martin Luther King Jr. discussing John F. Kennedy will be played Monday in the place where the civil rights leader was assassinated.

Intel to cut over 5,000 jobs

Chipmaker Intel said Friday it plans to reduce its global workforce by over 5,000 people over the next year. The company says the cuts are in response to "evolving market trends."

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman pleads not guilty to welfare charges

Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman pleaded not guilty Friday to welfare fraud charges relating to allegations that she did not report money that she earned as a topless dancer and adult film actress, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorn

Squirrels invade park in Mobile

Squirrels are over-running a park in downtown Mobile, Alabama. There are hundreds of squirrels scurrying and scampering about, and if you have food.

KS: Lost Dog found 9 months later and 150 miles away

A Great Dane in Kansas made a great journey. He went off on a 150-mile walk by himself, over nine months. Now he's been found and reunited with his family.