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Miami police investgating officer murdered at own home

Police in Pembroke Pines, Florida are trying to track down the person who killed one of a Miami police officer. He was shot and killed in his home. Watch the video above for more on this story

Boulder narrowly misses church in Massachusetts

Cameras captured a construction blast outside a church that nearly became a demolition job A Massachusetts pastor says it was divine intervention that kept the church from being damaged.

Jindal to warn of religious intolerance by left, slam HGTV

Gov. Bobby Jindal will stuike a familiar refrain in a commencement address on Saturday, warning of an increasingly secular culture driven by a government that stifles religious liberty.

Severe weather whips the central United States

Tornado-spawning storms that tore through parts of Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska over the weekend will move across the central United States on Monday.

Texas panhandle wildfire 75% contained

A Texas panhandle wildfire that destroyed 100 homes and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate is 75 % contained, authorities said Monday.

How our universe grew up

It's hard to describe billions of years of cosmic history. But scientists have used a code to create a model of how the universe as we know it today might have evolved.

Is Lego the next Disney?

Lego has come a long way from just selling tubs of plastic bricks. It has weathered near bankruptcy to become the world's most profitable toy manufacturer. Lego is seemingly everywhere these days.

KY man makes amazing art using ball-point pens

A Kentucky man is making a name for himself as an artist. And he's using an unusual tool for his works, simple ball-point pens.

Bear delays classes at New Jersey high school

Parents can rest easy after wildlife officials captured a black bear outside a New Jersey school. Classes at Phillipsburg High School were delayed until the bear could be caught Friday morning.

12 best U.S. movie locations to visit

Nothing against L.A. studios, the Manhattan skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and those tax-credit incentive states -- "Lights, Camera, Georgia!" -- that know how to reel in a big movie production.