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Bear delays classes at New Jersey high school

Parents can rest easy after wildlife officials captured a black bear outside a New Jersey school. Classes at Phillipsburg High School were delayed until the bear could be caught Friday morning.

12 best U.S. movie locations to visit

Nothing against L.A. studios, the Manhattan skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and those tax-credit incentive states -- "Lights, Camera, Georgia!" -- that know how to reel in a big movie production.

Is there such thing as a comfortable airplane seat?

There is no shortage of adjectives one can apply to airline seats: uncomfortable, bulky, cramped, outdated and -- from an airline's point of view -- overpriced. It's no wonder then that many carriers are looking to make a change.

Shoes with GPS will help caregivers with Alzheimer's patients

Spring is finally here! Time to get outside and enjoy the weather. But what if you were terrified someone you loved would do just that, would take a walk outside and get lost because they suffer from Alzheimer’s?

Last minute gifts for Mom that keep on giving

It's not too late to give your mother an unforgettable gift for Mother's Day ... and you can do it all online.

5 questions you need to ask before surgery

Preparing for surgery can be stressful and overwhelming. Feelings of uneasiness are common, but you don't have to feel that way.

Nearly half of all home sales are all-cash deals

Want to buy a home? Better be carrying lots of cash.

Scientist create new life from artificial DNA

All of life as we know it on Earth -- pigs, pandas, fish, bacteria and everything else -- has genetic information encoded in the same way, with the same biological alphabet.

8 amazing American caves

Far beneath our feet, amazing caverns yawn and twist. The heart of anyone who stumbles on one must race with the thrill of discovery as well as a terror of encountering creatures in the dark.

Police arrest GA man over chicken wings

An outing to a grocery store turned into an ordeal for one Atlanta-area family. A dad was arrested after the store accused him and his son of eating chicken wings in the store and leaving without paying for them.