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Texas killer nurse Genene Jones set to walk free

Back in 1982, Chelsea McClellan -- just 15 months old -- needed immunizations. It was routine stuff, so Chelsea's mother took her to a local clinic in Kerrville, Texas. What happened there was anything but routine.

'Traffic was nuts': LeBron James gets police escort to concert

He may be the King of Miami, but should LeBron James be treated like a head of state?

Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens - just because

A random act of violence has left a promising 22-year-old college baseball player dead, a family devastated and two countries half a world apart rattled.

New Google Maps can help you avoid traffic

Mapping apps on phones have already replaced dedicated navigation devices for many drivers trying to find unfamiliar addresses. Now, Google Maps will notify drivers about more traffic jams as well.

Fire sale in Gary, Indiana: Homes for $1

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The city of Gary, Ind., is running a real estate fire sale: A dozen homes for $1 each.

Day care workers fired over photos mocking kids on Instagram

Two Virginia day care workers have been fired after photos of children in their care showed up on Instagram -- along with comments making fun of them.

Police: Gun found in woman's car linked to double murder, Aaron Hernandez probe

A gun found during a June traffic accident investigation has been linked to a 2012 murder that police are investigating in connection with Aaron Hernandez, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

Detroit paramedic has heart attack while giving CPR to man having heart attack

Talk about dedication to the job. Detroit paramedic Joseph Hardman is being hailed as a hero for performing CPR on a patient having a heart attack -- even as he began to have one himself.

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked to prove security flaw

He tried to warn them. A Palestinian researcher posted a message on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's page last week after he says the site's security team didn't take his warnings about a security flaw seriously.

Chappelle plays Prince on new single's cover

Forget Rick James. He’s Prince, bi – uh, baby. (Sorry, this is a family website.)