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U.S. seizes $458 million stolen by Nigerian dictator

Millions of dollars stolen from the people of Nigeria by a former dictator was seized by the U.S. -- in the largest action of this kind ever taken by the Department of Justice.

Serial arsonist targets college bathrooms in CA

Investigators are trying to track down a serial arsonist on the San Marcos campus of Palomar College.

Wal-Mart slashes iPhone prices

  Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: Smartphone prices are coming down.

MO Goodwill employee finds $2,600 inside donated clothing

It happened again: a Goodwill employee discovered an accidental donation of thousands of dollars while sifting through donated clothes.

Obama looking to cut sex abstinence education

President Obama wants to ax funding for abstinence from sex education.

Fancy NYC restaurant receives 42 health violations

One of New York City's most exclusive restaurants is in a real pickle after being served a "C" grade by the New York City Department of Health.

CA teacher finds 3rd graders smoking pot in bathroom

Three students in California were busted, police say, for smoking pot in a school bathroom. The students are only eight and nine-years-old.

Family bulldog attacks 14-month-old baby in CO

A bulldog turned on a member of its family, attacking a 14-month-old boy near Denver. Nobody wants to respond to a call like this.

Ohio school suspends 10-year-old for making fingers into shape of gun

Ten-year-old Nathan Entingh doesn't understand why he got suspended from school for three days.

Obama wants better tax deal for working families

President Obama included several tax proposals to help low- and middle-income families in his 2015 budget proposal on Tuesday.