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CA teen chooses to amputate leg

A young man in California suffering from a painful and debilitating leg condition has made a very difficult decision. His classmates gathered around, Andrew Seelhoff and his mother had an important announcement to share.

New virtual reality software helps train high school athletes

New technology could help protect student athletes from injuries. Schools in and around Kansas City are using virtual reality to help teach athletes situational awareness on the football field.

Secrets from the set of 'The Big Bang Theory'

  It's one of the most famous sets on television right now.

Feds extradite Chris Brown to D.C. for assault trial

  Chris Brown has been transferred into the custody of federal agents for extradition to Washington to face an assault trial, officials confirmed Thursday.

2-legged dog becomes internet star after running on beach

A puppy in Vancouver, Washington has gained millions of fans because of what he's missing. Despite having only two legs, the boxer had a joyful run on the beach.

SC woman wins lottery, tells husband its a joke

Marietta, SC (WHNS) -- A Marietta woman said she told her husband she won the lottery and then told him she was just joking.

Bank robber wearing drag shot by Seattle PD after car chase

Seattle, WA (KCPQ) -- A man dressed in drag who crashed his car shortly after robbing a bank was shot and killed by police Thursday morning, the Seattle Police Department said.

State Department defends $400K artwork for embassy in Pakistan

  The State Department defended its Art in Embassies program on Wednesday following a report that it plans to purchase a $400,000 sculpture for the embassy compound under construction in Islamabad.

U.S. denies trying to overthrow Castro with Twitter clone

The U.S. government acknowledged Thursday it created a Twitter-like social media service for Cubans, but denied the effort was meant to subvert the island nation's communist government.

Bill Clinton says he 'wouldn't be surprised' by alien visit

  It has been a question plaguing man for ages: Are we alone in the universe?