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Jeopardy celebrates 50 years on TV

It's an enduring game show that engenders affection while challenging even the most erudite among us. What is "Jeopardy!"?

Top 13 craziest tax deductions

  From hermit crab food and Viagra to a toupee and scuba trips, taxpayers (try to) deduct the wildest things. Check out these 13 crazy tax deductions. Hermit crab food

Batman turns 75, still 'saving' lives

Growing up, Joshua Paul Hawkins didn't have many role models.

You could own a jetpack! (for only $150K)

Inventor Glenn Martin admits he appears crazy -- "But it's the crazy people who change the world." "Some people work on old cars, some do quilting, some collect stamps, I build jetpacks."

Dog calls 911 in Nebraska

It's the call to 911 that has everyone talking. Dispatchers hear a lot of strange things, in this case it was panting on the other end of the line. “Sarpy County 911.” Scratches on the phone.

How to break your junk food addiction

The experts have a few tips, when it comes to doing a little "spring cleaning" of what you eat. Specifically: for cutting out the junk food.

Why adults get acne and how it can be treated

Many people get acne as teenagers but did you know that adults can develop it as well? Narva Norfleet didn't have acne as a teenager, but in her mid-30's she started to break out.

Want to stay healthy? They key is to plan ahead!

There's not enough time.

Health Minute: sunscreen 101

Hello warm weather, it's been a long time. Even in the milder temperatures, dermatologists will tell you, you should always protection yourself from the sun's rays.

How to prepare your pet for a vet visit

Like us, pets need to see a doctor on a yearly basis, to make sure they are healthy and happy. A lot of people think it's just a matter of bringing Fido or Fluffy to the office. But it's more than that.