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One month before Olympics, Russia puts Sochi under high security

One month before the Winter Olympics begin in the Russian resort town of Sochi -- and in the shadow of last month's deadly bombings in Volgograd -- a huge security operation has swung into gear.

VIDEO: Companies are using video games to hire new recruits

You may want to beef up your gaming skills. New computer games are being designed to help employers spot top recruits.

Seismic equipment is being installed for Saints/Seahawks game

The last time the New Orleans Saints came to Seattle, football fans rocked the stadium so much, it created a seismic event. Now, equipment is in place to see if that happens again.

Connecticut thief goes 'bananas'

It was a fruitful heist that, one could say, had a certain "a-peel."

Target: Hacking hit 70 million customers

The data breach at Target was significantly broader than originally reported: The company said Friday that 70 million customers had information such as their name, address, phone number and e-mail address hacked in the breach.

Legal woes lurk for Gov. Chris Christie over bridge traffic jam scandal

This may turn into much more than just a political scandal.

Cocaine found in shipment of Bananas

Supermarket staff in Berlin, Germany, got a surprise earlier this week when they went to unpack a new shipment of bananas. Instead, they found 140 kilograms of cocaine.

Why bullying is hard to ban from the workplace

Workplace bullies can cost companies a lot of money and it takes both a physical and an emotional toll on those affected; but there haven't been many updates to workplace laws when it comes to bullying.

Alaska closer to becoming 3rd state to legalize recreational marijuana

Marijuana prohibition laws are slowly going up in smoke. An Alaska citizens' group is pushing to legalize recreational marijuana, which would make it the third state to do so after Colorado and Washington.

Poll: Majority support for extending jobless benefits

As a push to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed faces an uncertain future in Congress, a new national poll indicates majority support for a three-month extension.