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Florida jurors back to deliberate in loud-music murder trial

The jury weighing the fate of a white Florida man accused of killing a black teen during an argument over loud music could make a decision Friday in the much-watched case.

Jindal to warn of government assault on religious liberty

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will caution Thursday of a "silent war" being waged by political elites on Americans' religious liberty and prescribe state-based laws to combat government overreach.

Son-in-law charged in fatal Tennessee bombing

The son-in-law of a retired lawyer and his wife planted the bomb that killed them at their rural home this week, Tennessee authorities said Thursday as they announced his arrest.

Russia enacts anti-gay adoption ban

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree banning foreign same-sex couples -- as well as singles from countries where same-sex marriages are legal -- from adopting Russian children.

Not done yet: Winter storm takes aim at Northeast

Hey Northeast, now it's your turn. The storm that Atlanta and Charlotte weathered is headed your way. And forecasters say this may be your biggest winter blast of the season so far.

3.7 million Graco car seats recalled due to buckle issue

In one of the biggest such recalls ever, Graco has agreed to recall 3.7 million child car seats manufactured in recent years -- even as it officially contests a government request to recall nearly 1.8 million more -- over a buckling issue.

Tips for brides changing their last name

Brides have a lot to think about when planning a wedding, and including thinking about whether to take the groom's last name.

KY sinkhole swallows 8 classic Corvettes

In Kentucky, a sinkhole has swallowed eight cars at the National Corvette Museum. The fire department has closed off the area around the hole for safety reasons.

Chick-fil-A to serve antibiotic-free chicken

A popular American fast food restaurant wants you to "Eat mor chikin" without antibiotics. Chick-fil-A Inc. announced plans Tuesday to use chicken raised without antibiotics in all of its restaurants within five years.

Electric users ask: Why not put power lines underground?

The majestic trees that line streets across the American South are a beautiful sight most of the year.