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MN thrill seekers get big air on frozen lake

Most of us are really over winter, but there is one group who thinks it's been the best one yet. Snow, ice and wind conditions have been perfect for snowkiters in Minnesota.

Health Minute: wild or farm raised salmon?

The American Heart Association recommends we eat oily fish like salmon twice a week for its heart healthy benefits. But what is best for us, wild or farm raised salmon? First know, both are healthy.

Getty makes millions of photos free for online use

Online photo archive Getty Images is opening 35 million images to online publishers to use free of charge, acknowledging that many of its pictures are already being copied anyway.

Proposed sugar recommendation comes to less than a soda per day

The World Health Organization wants you to stop eating so much sugar. Seriously.

Duke student says she does porn to pay tuition

Belle Knox, a Duke University freshman who recently revealed her double life as a porn actress, is raising eyebrows, rallying support and calling out her school on its financial policies (and no, Belle Knox is not her real name).

Daylight Saving Time Fast Facts

Here's some background information about Daylight Saving Time, a system to reduce electricity usage by extending daylight hours. Facts: Sunday, March 9, 2014 - Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am. Set clocks ahead one hour.

Everything must go: There's a flood of store closings

Brick and mortar chain stores died this week, after a long illness. Born along Main Street, raised in shopping malls across post-World War II America, the traditional store enjoyed decades of good health, wealth and steady growth.

Woman's auto-payments hid her death for six years

For years, the payments went out of the woman's bank account. Nobody batted an eyelid. Bills were paid. And life went on as normal in the quiet neighborhood of Pontiac, Michigan.

Police: Darren Sharper, friend told others of raping two women

Former NFL star Darren Sharper and a friend told other people that they had sex with two women in a New Orleans apartment in September without "their knowledge or permission," an application for an arrest warrant that was released Thu

VIDEO: Thieves use forklift to steal ATM in Texas

A brazen ATM heist at a Texas bank was captured on camera. Thieves used a forklift to steal an ATM from a credit union in Odessa, TX. Investigators aren't revealing how much money the robbers got away with.