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Not again. What is it about Fort Hood that makes it a target?

It's a scene that's becoming all too familiar at Fort Hood: flag-draped caskets for soldiers who've survived war, only to be killed at home. A shooting Wednesday left four people dead, including the gunman, who committed suicide.

Robot exoskeleton lets girl lift her arms, reach for the stars

A child throwing a ball. On the face of it, a simple act, but for four-year old Hannah Mohn this is a milestone.

A Republican tries to save the minimum wage increase

Again stepping into the role of compromise-seeker, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is launching what may be a long-shot effort to forge bipartisan compromise over a minimum wage increase.

Landslide toll rises to 28 as searchers battle muck, standing water

Among the mounds of mud and ripped-down trees, you see an occasional appliance, a tire here and there, the twisted cables that used to be part of the telephone system. What you don't see are homes.

Save your tax refund, win the lottery

By saving a small chunk of your tax refund, you could hit a $25,000 jackpot.

Five 'mom's raise sloth bear cub at national zoo

Five keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo have a new title, bear mom. With sloth bears so rare, they're taking care of a cub whose survival they say is important.

Taylor Swift surprises 9-year-old boy in RI hospital

A young patient in Rhode Island got an unexpected visit from one of his heroes. His mother says it was an experience he will never forget.

Residents say cops profile them for pot when they see CO plates

A Colorado couple says they were pulled over just because they had Colorado plates.

World's largest observation deck opens in Vegas

Four years in the making, what's being hailed as the world's largest observation wheel is now open to the public on the Las Vegas strip.

G.W. Bush impersonator fools church in Mississippi

Former president George W. Bush visited a church in Jones County, Mississippi. Or did he?