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New pain pill's approval: 'Genuinely frightening'

A potent little painkiller is causing a big stir. A coalition of more than 40 health care, consumer and addiction treatment groups is urging the Food and Drug Administration to revoke approval of the prescription drug Zohydro.

California couple strikes gold after finding $10 million in rare coins

Eureka! A husband and wife are reveling in their good fortune after finding $10 million in rare gold coins buried on their property in Northern California.

Former Saints punter sentenced for ‘ponzi scheme’

A former New Orleans Saints player will spend the next seven years in jail for scamming investors out of millions of dollars. According to ESPN, ex-punter Russell Erxleben was sentenced in Austin Monday.

Report says hate groups on the decline in U.S.

Far-right extremist groups had been on the rise, particularly in reaction to President Obama's election in 2008 and the financial crisis around the same time.

Netflix's deal with Comcast, will not lead to higher prices

  Rest easy, Netflix fans, the online video service is unlikely to jack up costs following its big deal with Comcast to boost streaming speeds. But the partnership raises big questions about the future of Internet video.

Houston man finds newborn baby alive in dumpster

Houston police are looking for the person responsible for throwing a newborn baby away with the trash.

New rules would ban junk food from being marketed in schools

New rules first lady Michelle Obama will propose on Tuesday would limit the types of foods and beverages that can be advertised in schools, officials say.

Care packages for troops sit in GA post office for 3 months

Packages from Georgia senior citizens destined for troops in Afghanistan made it about a mile to the local post office. The boxes were packed and mailed out for Veterans Day more than three months ago.

U.S. will pull out of Afghanistan, if no security agreement reached

We're not bluffing, the Obama administration told Afghanistan on Tuesday in announcing for the first time it has started planning for the possible withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of the year if no security agreement is signed.

Pocket bible stops 2 bullets from killing Ohio man

If not for the Bible, the bullets would have gone right through his heart.