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Syria: There's a chemical weapons agreement. Now what?

Now comes the real test. Of Syria's sincerity. Of Russia's resolve. Of America's gamble.

Colorado floods: Stories of grief, generosity and gratitude

The numbers are stark: As many as six dead. Hundreds more unaccounted for. Up to 1,000 people still awaiting evacuation.

Suspected death toll rises from Colorado floods as nearly 500 unaccounted for

Rain was still coming down Sunday in Colorado, preventing aerial efforts to search for those missing in a devastating flood, authorities said. The National Guard grounded all helicopters in the state.

Larry Summers withdraws name for Fed chair job

After months of contentious public debate, Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration to become the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, sources familiar with the decision confirmed to CNN.

Hurricane Ingrid, Tropical Storm Manuel hit Mexico, killing 15

Rivers overflowed their banks, mudslides buried houses and roadways flooded as fierce tropical storm systems hit opposite sides of Mexico, killing at least 15 people, state media reported.

Social Security makes $1.3 billion in overpayments

The Social Security Administration has paid an estimated $1.3 billion in disability insurance payments to thousands of people who weren't eligible for the benefits, a government watchdog report finds.

Business owner: Jersey boardwalk fire 'slow-motion disaster'

"We felt paralyzed." Eric Faranda stood helpless as flames engulfed his New Jersey business of 20 years -- newly rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy tore it apart less than a year ago.

Flood-weary Colorado awaits more rain; more than 270 'unaccounted for'

The mission for emergency responders in northern Colorado Saturday: "To bring order to a chaotic situation," as an incident commander put it.

'A little creepy': Montana bride's custom wedding song talks of falling

It was written as a moving tribute to what seemed a promising love affair.

Colorado floods: Sound the alert, more flash floods possible

The water rose and the people fled.