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Help for homeless college students

As the number of homeless college students grows, schools, aid organizations and advocates from across the country are taking steps to help.

Beyonce: No disrespect intended to dead Challenger astronauts with song

Beyonce defends using audio from the space shuttle Challenger disaster in a new song, calling it a "tribute" to the seven astronauts who died. The widow of Challenger's commander calls it "disappointing."

Starbucks goes after pub for 'Frappicino beer"; pub sends $6, hilarious response

You've probably heard this one before: Little guy gets too close to a trademark held by a big company. Big company threatens legal action. Little guy backs off.

Bowl Championship Series Fast Facts

Here's a look at what you need to know about the college football Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

Last chance to stream 'Titanic,' 'Top Gun' on Netflix

If you're planning to stay home New Year's Day and stream classic movies on Netflix, you may be out of luck.

Starting the new year in Obamacare limbo

Planning to use your new Obamacare insurance benefits early in the new year? If you don't have your brand spanking new ID card, you'd better bring along your wallet.

Film award season - Hollywood wrap up

As the year comes to a close, CNN looks back at the most memorable movie moments of 2013. Throughout the year the movie industry has been vying for you're your attention.

2013 Gallup Poll: Hillary Clinton, Obama most admired among Americans

Talk about a streak. Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman among Americans for the 12th-straight year, according to a national poll released Monday by Gallup.

Make a new kind of New Year's resolution

"Lose weight" is one of the top New Year's resolutions every year. You've probably made it once or twice yourself, and we commend you for accomplishing such an ambitious goal. Oh, you didn't?

Four money resolutions to make now

With 2014 around the corner, you might be thinking of changes to make -- whether it's to hit the gym more often or to finally take that cross-country road trip.