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What your wireless carrier knows about you

Data collected from your smartphone is shaping the future of marketing -- and cell phone companies are cashing in.

CNN vote count: Budget deal nearing Senate approval, but not there yet

The budget deal struck by Republican and Democratic lawmakers that easily passed the House of Representatives last week has run into some opposition in the Senate.

More snow to dust the Northeast, Midwest -- enough to boost holiday spirit

The storm that whipped the Northeast over the weekend with six to 16 inches of snow has blown off to Canada, but more snow is on its way -- maybe just enough to bring out some of that holiday spirit.

Jupiter's moon Europa puffs water vapor -- could there be life there?

A moon circling Jupiter has sent up a small flare. It may be telling astronomers that life could be supported there, and it may offer a way of finding out.

Beyonce's surprise album: What's the verdict?

On a single she previewed as part of a Pepsi ad earlier this year, Beyonce sang, "I'm a grown woman / I can do whatever I want." The singer proved that on Friday when she released a surprise album with no fanfare.

Media vow to remember Newtown tragedy in respectful manner

The nation's news media are sure to cover the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School extensively on Saturday.

U.S. DOT shuts down 52 unsafe bus companies

U.S. transportation officials shut down 52 bus companies and 340 vehicles Thursday as part of as an eight-month effort targeting unsafe motor coach operations, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Light bulb ban set to take effect

Light bulb manufacturers will cease making traditional 40 and 60-watt light bulbs -- the most popular in the country -- at the start of 2014.

My grocery bill will skyrocket if military stores close

It's not easy for military wife Jes Hogan to run a household of six.

Police: Teens break into mansion, party; stuffed leopard among $1M in Loot

Teens call them ghost parties: gatherings organized on a whim -- at a house that's often not the host's.