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2013: The year in video gaming

  The Year of the Gamer. Does 2013 actually deserve that title?

Mom of girls killed playing in leaves tells prison-bound teen: 'I forgive you'

A Cornelius teenager is heading to prison for his role in the hit-and-run crash that killed two Forest Grove sisters.

Why potential employers are throwing out your resume

Are you having a tough time finding a job? Do you feel you are fully qualified but are not getting any call backs? New research says "It’s not you, its your resume."

How hackers can steal your credit card info

The holiday season means shopping at several retailers for many people, but how safe are you when you swipe your card? Many Grinch-like hackers could literally steal Christmas. But there’s a group that can help.

The most watched TV shows of 2013

Living in Louisiana, we all know watching football on TV is a big deal. Whether it’s professional, college, or even high school, its why most residents yell at their TV sets on weekends.

Obamacare open enrollment: Here's everything you need to know

Amy Braun-Gross is counting the hours until January 1. It's not her birthday or her anniversary. January 1 is the day that marks the first time ever she will be able to get insurance.

'Duck Dynasty' family stands by suspended patriarch

The family behind A&E's "Duck Dynasty" rallied around its patriarch Thursday, one day after the network suspended Phil Robertson over controversial remarks he made about gays and blacks in a magazine interview.

Congress passes reform on how military handles sexual assault cases

U.S. military commanders would no longer be permitted to overrule a court-martial judgment in sexual assault cases under reforms approved by the Senate late Thursday.

Four things to do after your credit card has been hacked

As many as 40 million Target shoppers who hit stores in the three weeks after Thanksgiving had their credit and debit card information stolen.

'Duck Dynasty' star suspended after anti-gay remarks

Is this man simply expressing his beliefs or spewing bigotry?