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NSA mines Facebook for connections, including Americans' profiles

In addition to phone records and email logs, the National Security Agency uses Facebook and other social media profiles to create maps of social connections -- including those of American citizens.

Stocks: Government shutdown threat looms

When markets open Monday, it's entirely possible the U.S. government won't open the next day.

Nissan Infiniti, Mazda6 recalled in U.S.

Automakers Nissan and Mazda have announced separate recalls that total nearly 260,000 cars.

Dems, GOP play game of chicken as shutdown looms

What looked last week like a game of political hot potato has become a high-stakes game of chicken, with continued operation of the federal government and possible wider impact on the overall economy hanging in the balance.

House GOP plans another Obamacare vote on shutdown deal

With a possible government shutdown looming, House Republicans planned votes Saturday on a spending proposal that also would delay Obamacare for a year and wipe out its tax on medical devices in defiance of threatened rejection by Senate Democr

The death of the home stereo system

For many years, it was a rite of fall.

The device that could change the Internet

Depending whom you ask, Chad Russell and Charles Butkus' invention is either a step forward for the Internet -- or a death knell for free content.

House: A vote for cloture is a vote for ObamaCare

Twenty-one conservative House members, including a Louisiana representative, have sent a bill to Senator Mitch McConnell warning Senate Republicans not to vote for cloture.

The best (and worst) crash avoidance technologies

A number of cars offer systems that can detect an impending collision and, in some cases, apply the brakes automatically and on Friday a leading auto safety group issued its first ratings for them.

Arrest made in Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf 'sextortion' case

A college student was arrested Thursday for allegedly hijacking the webcams of young women -- among them reigning Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf -- taking nude images, then blackmailing his victims to send him more explicit material or else be expo