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Facebook: Here's exactly what we mean by 'nudity'

Facebook has updated its "community standards" for its 1.4 billion users, getting super-specific about what is and isn't allowed on the social network. For instance, Facebook clarified what constitutes nudity (genitals, fully exposed buttocks an

Real estate heir Robert Durst says he 'killed them all'

He admitted to shooting and dismembering his neighbor, but was acquitted of murder.

Hammond, LA: Those Soldiers are part of our family

It’s been cloudy for the last two days here in Hammond, Louisiana. The sky almost reflects the feelings of the entire city.

Ferguson's police chief, city manager quit -- but is that enough?

Ferguson's police chief is gone. So is the city manager. And the top court clerk was fired for sending racist emails. But are these high-level changes enough satisfy all residents? Absolutely not, they say.

Military helicopter crash: Air search expected to resume midday

If heavy fog clears Thursday morning, an air search will resume for seven Marines and four Army aircrew feared dead after their Black Hawk helicopter crashed into waters off the Florida Panhandle.

These temporary tattoos measure glucose

At the local office supply store, a roller-ball gel pen will cost you about 50 cents. With a little tinkering, researchers are taking that same pen and using it to measure glucose levels.

Obama offers help for student borrowers

President Obama unveiled new steps Tuesday designed to help students avoid the pitfalls of excessive student debt.

Deputy U.S. marshal killed trying to arrest; suspect's sister speaks out

It can be one of the most dangerous tasks for a law enforcement officer: serving an arrest warrant to a suspected killer. And when Deputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells tried to do that Tuesday, he lost his life.

Military helicopter crashes in northwest Florida; 11 missing

Eleven members of the U.S. military were missing after an Army UH-60 Black Hawk crashed during a training mission in the Florida Panhandle on Tuesday night, a spokesman at Eglin Air Force Base said.

Dunkin' Donuts to remove titanium dioxide from donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is dropping titanium dioxide from its powdered sugar donuts after pressure from a public interest group who argued it is not safe for human consumption. Titanium dioxide is used to make the powdered sugar appear brighter.