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OKC Police save Christmas for burglary victim

Oklahoma City police officers were able to save Christmas for one Oklahoma City mother and her three-year-old son. Oklahoma City police officers respond to burglaries all the time.

Next location for 'The Interview': Online

If Sony Pictures can get the deal done in time, "The Interview" will premiere simultaneously in independently-owned movie theaters and living rooms on Christmas Day.

Why cook a gourmet meal when you can defrost it?

A Christmas ham takes at least a couple of hours to prepare, and that's on top of making the sides, the appetizers and, of course, the dessert. Or you can just defrost the whole thing.

Ohio man ordered to take down Zombie nativity scene

Jasen Dixon is living a dream this holiday season. For some though, his unique take on the Christmas nativity may be a nightmare.

Eggnog chugging contest sends Utah man to hospital

Over the years, holiday office Christmas parties have gained a reputation for crazy antics. Often, there's a lot of heavy drinking.

How middle class Christmas has changed

Thirty years ago, Sam Oliverio's Christmas list included Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch dolls and Speak & Spell for his nieces and nephews. Playing Santa set him back about $350.

Tornado deaths in Mississippi an ugly prelude to bad U.S. holiday travel weather

Holiday travelers were dealing with delays Wednesday at several airports around the country because of rain, wind and snow across much of the continental United States.

DA: Guns smuggled on planes in Atlanta 'egregious' security breach

Two men -- one employed by Delta Air Lines and another a former employee -- worked together to smuggle guns and ammunition on at least 20 flights from Atlanta to New York from May to December, New York officials said Tuesday.

Keurig recalls nearly 7 million coffee makers

Keurig Green Mountain has recalled nearly 7,000,000 of their popular single-cup coffee makers.

Could this mean the end of tipping?

Imagine a table of diners at a high-end restaurant, getting up and leaving after their meal without leaving a tip.