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'I went from heroin addict to PTA mom'

In many ways, my life is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

Last night's superbowl brought more serious ads

Where did all the bikinis go?

TX man claims he photographed Chupacabra

In one Texas community people say they are concerned about a mysterious animal that's been spotted in the area.

How to avoid digital eyestrain

Our lives have increasingly become more digital today. While some may see this as a benefit, others are finding that it can literally be a pain in the eye.

Despite report, final Keystone decision not near

A final decision on whether or not to approve the hotly debated Keystone XL oil pipeline isn't imminent, the White House chief of staff said on Sunday, despite a State Department report last week showing the project wouldn't have a majo

Jindal: Christie should stay RGA chair

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal expressed support Sunday for his New Jersey counterpart Chris Christie, telling CNN the New Jersey governor should keep his position as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

New treatment may offer hope for peanut allergy

When you live in fear of you or your child accidentally ingesting peanut crumbs, any hope of undoing severe food allergy is welcome.

Wal-Mart: Food stamp cuts to hit profits

Wal-Mart Stores warned Friday that cuts to the nation's food stamps program late last year will hurt its bottom line.

From book to big screen: Your guide to film adaptations 2014

Many beloved books, new and old, are being transformed in movies this year. Tales from Lois Lowry's classic young adult tale "The Giver" to the popular dystopic novel "Divergent" are making feature film debuts.

5 ways Facebook changed us, for better and worse

Ten years and 1.2 billion users into its existence, there's no question that Facebook has changed our lives.