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House panel subpoenas State Department over Benghazi

A congressional committee on Tuesday subpoenaed current and former top State Department officials related to the development of "talking points" by the Obama administration to publicly explain the deadly attack on the U.S.

Rare Apple 1 computer sold for $671,000

A rare working model of the Apple 1, the tech giant's first desktop computer, sold for more than $671,000 over the weekend at an auction in Germany.

McCartney leaves guitar pick at Elvis' grave

Paul McCartney gives the best gifts. When the former Beatle visited Graceland, the mansion once occupied by the late Elvis Presley, on Sunday, he reportedly left a personalized guitar pick at Presley's grave.

Arizona mom's Mexico drug arrest 'about money,' husband says

The family of an Arizona mother of seven being held in a Mexican jail vehemently denies charges that she was trying to smuggle about 12 pounds of marijuana back into the United States.

Drugs, gun, 911 sound figure in Zimmerman pretrial battle

A courtroom battle began Tuesday in the trial of George Zimmerman, as attorneys fight to keep potentially crucial evidence away from the jury.

Southern California fire burns 1,000 acres; thousands flee

Crews in Southern California struggled to get the upper hand on a fast-moving wildfire in Santa Barbara County early Tuesday.

Severe weather threatens Plains state again

Another round of severe weather is likely to threaten America's heartland on Tuesday -- a day after one person was injured and around 70 trailers were damaged in Springfield, Illinois, when straight line winds of up to 80 mph whipped the ar

Tacoma father accused of putting baby in freezer to halt her crying

25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly putting his 6-week-old daughter in a freezer in their home to stop her from crying, authorities said Sunday.

Doctors urged to address military kids' mental health

More than 2 million children have been affected by the military deployment of at least one parent within the past decade, and thousands have had to cope with a parent's death or traumatic injury, experts say.

Trump teasing a 2016 bid for president?

Is Donald Trump once again thinking about making a run for the White House?